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Design Thinking & Innovation Online Course in Singapore

Starts at only $199, available 24/7. Instant access. Get certified in Innovation.

The world is fast-changing and facing widespread disruption. Don’t get left behind.

Learn about Innovation and Design Thinking in Singapore and Asia from one of the top Innovation trainers and speakers – Mark Stuart CSP.


Mark works with hundreds of organisations in 19 countries – both online and off-line, training leaders on Innovation, Disruption, and the Future of Work.

Receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course.


What do top sportsmen, Presidents, CEOs and top performing executives have in common?


A coach.  

If you are feeling lost in your career, have no idea how to guide your team through challenging times, or have no mentor to advise you or just seeking someone you can talk to?


You need an executive coach.

Anagram's Executive Coaching services – once exclusively available to C-level business leaders and top managers, is now available to executives at ALL - in Singapore or beyond.

Only $390 for a 60 Minute Online session / Phonecall or $490 in person.

What is Executive Coaching?


Executive Coaching should be considered when there is interest by the employer or employee to boost performance.


Executive Coaching is a result-oriented systematic process where the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance.


It usually involves the use of an external, professionally-certified executive coach. Executive Coaching is for executives that are open to coaching, open to direct feedback, and willing to work on improving their performance in the workplace, it is a very effective process that can deliver a high ROI and meaningful change.

Who Needs Executive Coaching?

It can be implemented for:

  • Directors, managers

  • High potential young leaders

  • Executives with leadership potential

  • Heads of business units – whether technical or functional

  • C level executives

  • Executives stepping up into management

  • Executives switching industries

Executive coaching could produce great results if you are looking to:

  •  Develop high potential employees

  • Set and exceed challenging performance goals

  • Improve your leadership skills

  • Gain that promotion you’ve been seeking

  • Seek an improvement in specific skills, such as communication, delegation, or emotional intelligence

  • Transition into a new role

  • Develop a succession plan

  • Have an independent, unbiased sounding board

  • Obtain clarity on how you’re perceived as a leader

About The Executive Coach
Trusted by Top Leaders


Mark Stuart, CSP has trained over 220+ organisations and thousands of people. Read his full profile.

Mark Stuart,  Head Trainer & Executive Coach, Anagram Group

Mark is a corporate trainer, an executive coach, and a certified behavioural consultant, with over 15 years of international management and investment banking experience in the UK, Australia and Asia for Morgan Stanley, Schroders, Goldman Sachs, Abbey National and Salomon Brothers. 
He is also a leadership and executive coach for SME business leaders in Asia.
Mark is also one of the TOP trainers in Singapore with a prestigious 'CSP' - Certified Speaking Professional designation, allocated to only 15% of top global speakers. He is also winner of the Future of Work Award, given out by Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Chan Chun Sing at the British Chamber of Singapore Annual Business Awards.

Mark has led large award-winning international teams across 3 continents.   This exposure has allowed him to see first-hand what works and what doesn’t in a multicultural workplace.  His experience leading rapid growth and extensive change gave him invaluable experience in building teams and increasing employee engagement. 

In these roles, he was a Global and Regional department director, and managed teams from Singapore, China, India and Japan. Mark designs and delivers Anagram’s soft-skills, leadership, management, Business English and new graduate training courses for banks and MNCs in Asia.

Mark’s training methods are highly interactive and focus on strategies and personal goals that can be implemented in the workplace immediately, delivering instant return on investment. 

Mark graduated from the University of Surrey with a Bachelor of Science in Business Economics and Computing. 

Mark has trained and coached over 220+ organisations in 19 countries.

What does an Executive Coach do?


Through Skype/phone or in-person one-on-one sessions, an executive coach helps executives think through and tackle their own problems. Self-reliance and critical thinking is the goal.


The Coaching Process


Coaching is a process, rather than an hourly solution.  Most coaching engagements last 3-6 months, these may be extended as new goals emerge. 


The frequency of coaching depends on the agreed goals and your schedule.  Usually, this will be weekly or fortnightly in the first month, and then move to fortnightly thereafter.


For a confidential and complimentary conversation on whether coaching is for you or your organisation, contact  

Why Executive Coaching - Now?

Rates start at $490 per session.

Learn about Mark - your executive coach

With Covid-19 causing unprecedented disruption for organisations, many leaders find themselves lost and confused as they deal with increasing staff disengagement, low morale, and massive disruption to their organisation

Mark, our Executive Coach can help advise on:

- Low staff Morale and Disengagement

- Staff Retrenchment and Salary Adjustments

- Business Disruption and Innovation 

- Managing Change and Your Teams through this Disruptive Time 

- How You Can Ensure Productivity and Results even when Remote Working

- Changing Careers, Industries and Next Steps

- How to Get A Promotion

Other Issues Mark has advised on, include:

Communication, Managing Teams, Increasing Cross Cultural Intelligence, Performance Issues, EQ and more.

Each 60 Minute Executive Coaching session includes:

- Personalised, one-on-one time with Mark - via Phone or Skype ($390) or In-Person ($490)

- Answers to your questions and useful Management and Leadership Frameworks
- The coaching session will end when it comes naturally (not just when the 60 minutes is up!)


We have anonymised testimonials to protect the identity of our clients.

"When I became an entrepreneur, we had to scale our business very quickly and hire a large team. I was new to this and had never been a leader before. Mark gave me the skills I needed to manage a diverse team."– Entrepreneur, Service Business


"I was new to Asia and did not know much about Asian culture. Suddenly I was managing a team of people under me. With Mark’s unique skill set of working in large MNCs and being a soft skills trainer, he was able to guide me on soft skills such as EQ, Management, and Negotiation to become a better boss."– Senior Director, Hospitality Business


"We engaged Mark to coach a group of high achieving millennials on the sales team. Mark guided them through skills such as Presentation Skills, Influence and Negotiation to upskill them, giving them more confidence with clients."
– HR Director, B-to-B Business

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By Skype or phonecall

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