Engage a highly-skilled virtual facilitator to ensure your strategy meetings are on track

Only $1590 for a 90-minute virtual session 

virtual presentation skills singapore

A webinar is an online learning event where a trainer conducts a 60 to 90-minute LIVE talk about a requested topic, interacts with the audience and answers questions

virtual presentation skills singapore

"My team had to learn how to present virtually, and there's no training for that. Thank you for providing the solution" 

- Amanda Lim, HR Director, Tech MNC

virtual presentation skills singapore

Can be held anywhere with a computer - whether office or employees at home

virtual presentation skills singapore

Webinar completion certificates in PDF available upon request.

Online Webinar Overview and Video

Are your regional training events disrupted by coronavirus and travel restrictions for your Asia or global team? Don’t miss out on learning opportunities through Zoom with a professional trainer and speaker, who is an expert at delivering both in-person and online workshops for thousands of participants.

Introducing 60 to 90 minute LIVE webinars by Anagram Group on Change Management, Leadership, Innovation, Self-Leadership, EQ, and other topics! Max of 40 pax per session. Starting from $1980 nett for 2 X  90 minute session for 20 pax.

Each webinar will be customised to meet YOUR organisation’s needs.

Virtual Facilitation for your Strategy Sessions 

virtual presentation skills


  • Excel in delivering confident and convincing presentations virtually

  • Overcome nerves and connect with the audience

  • Learn the tools and techniques of using Zoom for more interactive and effective meetings

  • Be trained by one of the top Virtual Speakers in Asia – and top 15% globally


An icebreaker to get to know participants

Discussion on Facilitation Objectives
Setting the scene on objectives of the facilitation and virtual meeting

Obstacles and Challenges
Obstacles and challenges faced, discussion in breakout rooms

Brainstorming / Ideation Session
Participants will brainstorm and ideate, also using digital tools 

Presentation of Ideas gathered during brainstorming session
Participants will present their ideas to the audience of ideas to tackle the challenge set

Strategic development of key ideas
Summary of ideas gathered during session

Development of Action Plan
Facilitator will discuss action plan and how to develop them further

Assigning roles for Action Plan
Facilitator will assign roles for the action plan

End of session

Our world-class facilitator for your virtual meeting
Mark Stuart, CSP - Top 15% of speakers globally


Mark Stuart, CSP has trained over 220+ organisations and thousands of
people. Mark has experience delivering strategy sessions, webinars, workshops and keynote speeches. Mark is one of the leading trainers and speakers in Singapore and is sought after by MNCs and government agencies.


Read his full profile.

Virtual Speaker Showreel: Watch this video to learn more

Why book a webinar?

webinar singapore
  • Due to the Coronavirus situation, some of your teams in Asia may not be able to travel for a regional event in certain locations

  • Participants can join from HOME or from WORK - anywhere they have an internet connection

  • Content can be digested effectively in a 1 hour or 1.5 hour session

  • No additional software or programmes to download, participants will be given a unique, private link to join webinar

  • This webinar is in-house - meaning ONLY your training participants will get access to this webinar

  • Customised for your unique training needs

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Webinar Options

Bring your regional team together from around Asia with an online webinar.

Change Management Webinar.jfif
disc profiling webinar singapor

DISC Personality Profiling Webinar

A very popular workshop to understand your personality profile and colleagues, ideal for boosting teamwork and communication.

Click HERE for more info.

communcation collaboration webinar singapore
Stepping into Management Webinar Singapo

Stepping into Management Webinar
A webinar for new managers on the basics of management - great for new managers or as a refresher for seasoned managers. Click HERE for more info.

Leadership Webinar Singapore.jpg

Self-Leadership & Innovation Webinar
A webinar on how to be a self-leader and how to drive innovation at work.Click HERE for more info.

emotional intelligence webinar singapore
Negotiation Webinar Singapore.jfif

Negotiation and Influence Webinar

​A webinar on how you can influence and negotiate in a variety of workplace scenarios. Click HERE for more info.

innovation webinar singapoe

Leadership In A Digital Age Webinar

​A webinar on how to be a future-ready leader, and drive change and innovation within your organisation. Click HERE for more info.

How do Webinars Work?

Arrange your webinar with us in a few simple steps!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Webinars

More details on Webinars

What is a Webinar?
A webinar is an online seminar, conducted over the Internet. Usually a professional Trainer, Speaker or Thought Leader hosts a webinar and speaks LIVE, while participants join in using a link. Our webinars also have a Group Chat functionality, and LIVE video. This requires no additional software, only internet access. Participants can join from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Is your webinar LIVE or RECORDED?

Our webinars are LIVE. This means a Trainer is speaking in real-time and participants can ask REAL-TIME questions. These questions will be answered by the Trainer on video and also on a chat.

What topics do you speak on?

Currently we offer several topics (below) that are short versions of workshops we already run.


The topics are:

Change & Innovation in Times of Crisis Webinar *Best-seller

A webinar about how organisations can survive and thrive in times of disruption with agile change and innovation

Change and Innovation Webinars

  • Change Management Webinar *Most requested

  • Innovation and Design Thinking Webinar *Popular

Personality Profiling, Teamwork, Communication Webinars

  • DISC Personality Profiling Webinar 

  • Communication and Collaboration Webinar

  • Negotiation and Influence Webina​r

Management and Leadership Webinars

  • Stepping Into Management Webinar

  • Emotional Intelligence Webinar

  • Self-Leadership & Innovation Webinar

  • Leadership In A Digital Age Webinar

*Want to request an alternative topic? Email

What are your prices like?

2 x 60-Min to 90-Min Webinar Session

2 x 60 Min Webinar for 20 pax: $1980
2 x 90 Min Webinar for 20 pax: $2490

More prices and quantities available. Enquire now at for details and available dates.

How much does it cost?

We only charge a flat fee according to the numbers of participants - and not usually a per pax fee. We also offer discounts for a series of webinars.

This way, you get maximum return of investment for large groups.

Email us for a quotation! We'd love to help.

What software or apps are needed for a webinar?

We currently run our webinars using Zoom. Participants DO NOT need a Zoom app downloaded on their laptops/computers. We provide a link to join and they can join the webinar. We can also run it on whichever app or software (e.g. Webex) you use for your in-house needs.

What interaction is there on a webinar?
The trainer will speak LIVE on a webinar, and participants can watch him on video. Participants can also choose to show themselves on the webinar, and also ask and answer questions on a Group Chat function.

What does the webinar come with?

  • PDF Slides of webinar

  • Ability for participants to join the session online (no additional software or downloads needed!)

  • Dual-Translated powerpoint slides available (for non-native English speakers)

  • LIVE Webinar and interaction with trainer using video and chat

  • Post-webinar quiz and feedback forms available

How long does it last?

The webinar can lasts anything from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, it's up to your schedule and needs! We can also customise a series of webinars of 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minute duration so participants don’t miss out on learning. We finish on time so as not to take up too much of your busy day.

Who can I speak to?
Drop us a message on LiveChat at the bottom of the screen or email us at Or Whatsapp our Client Relations Director, Liyana at +65 8250 2835.


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