Corporate Training in Singapore? 5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Training Vendor

Sourcing for corporate training in Singapore? Anagram’s Head of Client Relations, Liyana, writes about 5 questions you need to ask before selecting your vendor.

Corporate training is a big market in Singapore – with hundreds of training companies and thousands of corporate trainers out there. When selecting a training workshop for your corporate needs, there are 5 factors you need to think about:

#1: What is the training company’s background?

One of the first things to ask is what is the training company’s background – who are its clients, what type of workshops does it typically do, and of course where can you see feedback about its previous workshops from its clients. Usually this information can be found on its website ‘About’ Page, or through a corporate brochure.

Does the training company have a good reputation?

#2: Who is the corporate trainer?

The trainer you decide to go with, is just as important as the training company itself. You can ask the training company for the bio or profile of the trainer. Usually the bio will give you information on the trainer’s experience, expertise, companies he/she has worked with, and clients he/she has worked for.

For example, if you are looking for a Leadership workshop or a Management workshop, you would probably want a trainer with both Leadership and Management experience – better still if the trainer has had experience leading and managing teams not just locally but regionally or globally.

Our trainers have at least 10 years of management experience

#3: What is the price of the training?

For corporate training, there can be a large range of prices depending on the trainer and company selected. For example, a trainer could charge as little as $600 a day, and some trainers who have become recognised authorities, or who are also professional speakers can charge $9000 a day.

From our own research - the bulk of corporate training in Singapore ranges from $1500 to $5000 a day, depending on the training company. Some companies also charge more as they employ part-time trainers on a freelance basis so they still need to make a margin, whereas some owner-operator companies can be more flexible on price.

Training companies can also charge per person, or in tiers – for example, our training workshops in Singapore range from $2900 to $4200 a day for a group of 20 pax.

We give discounts for groups where there is less than 20 participants and we also give SMEs, charities, and non-profits 10% off.

You should also clarify that the training prices are nett, and also if the price will change depending on the number of participants.

We believe in interactive training

#4: What is the training methodology and style?

Training methodology is very important in training as it's basically the training philosophy of a company.

Some companies may be more fond of the lecture-style of training – where the trainer is giving information to participants, and others may prefer a more interactive style of training.

We at Anagram Group believe in a more interactive style of training, with case studies, videos and so on. Our philosophy is that the trainer shouldn’t be speaking for more than 20 minutes at a time without jumping in with an exercise, activity or game.

To read more about our training methodology, click here.

#5: Clarify if 1 workshop will meet your needs

To learn more about if the workshop will meet your training needs, it is best to ask the training company about what content the participants can expect. You can usually request for a brochure or a workshop outline, and also ask about the learning objectives for the workshop.

If you are trying to train a group of new managers in a variety of skills for their new jobs, for example, you would probably need more than 1 workshop – for example, they may benefit from a Negotiation Skills Training Workshop, or Emotional Intelligence Training, or Leadership Training.

A training company that conducts all these workshops can probably put together a series or a program for a group of participants easily, and may also be able to give a discount for a bulk purchase.

Be sure to contact the training company to enquire about a multi-workshop program it can put together.

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This article was written by Anagram Group, a corporate training company in Singapore. We provide leadership training in Singapore, management training in Singapore, Emotional Intelligence training in Singapore, Negotiation Skills training in Singapore. For our full list of training workshops, click here.

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