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The Visiting Expert Series: Gareth Vance

Public Workshops in Singapore | Capital Tower | 2 DAYS ONLY - July 28 & 29 | Enrol to 1 or both

Impact of Basel III Liquidity Regime

Date: Thursday, July 28

Time: 9am to 12pm
Venue: FTSE conference room, 9th Floor, Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912
Cost: $290 for 1 pax | $250 for 2 or more

Why You Should Attend:

  • Learn about the impact Basel III is having on banks’ liquidity regime

  • Discover the resulting shift in funding preferences and how banks are adjusting their approach to ensure they meet the new requirements

About this Workshop

Basel III was the response by global regulators to the 2008 ‘Credit Crunch’. It was their ‘quid pro quo’ for the support that banks received from governments during the crisis. It’s ambition, to greatly increase the quality of a banks funding both in terms of capital and for the first time liquidity and ensure that they were never again too big to fail. This short half day course will look at how Basel III looks to achieve this from a liquidity perspective. 


By attending delegates will gain an insight into the rationale for the ‘premier’ of a liquidity regime and what it was in response to, they will develop an understanding of who through the regime regulators are looking to ensure that banks can sustain a run (LCR) , better match maturity of assets to liabilities (NSFR) and how these two requirements work in harmony.


They will explore the practical implications of this – how it has and is shifting liquidity funding preferences from wholesale to non wholesale, the challenges of valuing a non wholesale portfolio, the role of Funds Transfer Pricing in doing so and how success is dependent on better tools to segregate the portfolio and a stronger handshake between treasury and the business.

Who Should Attend

  • Cash Pool Managers

  • Finance

  • Risk

  • Treasury

  • Client Facing Teams

Impact of Regulation on the Trading Book

Date:  Friday, July 29

Time: 9am to 12pm
Venue: FTSE conference room, 9th Floor, Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912
Cost: $290 for 1 pax | $250 for 2 or more

Why You Should Attend:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Financial Review of the Trading Book, and its impact on RWA and market risk

  • Learn more about calculation and challenges of the Credit/Debt/Funding Valuation Adjustments

About this Workshop

Post the Global Financial Crisis, regulators have challenged banks to hold ever more capital against market and counter party risk arising form their trading activities. With the finalisation of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book this is likely to increase with some observers predicting further increases in capital requirement of between 20% and 40%.


This short, half day course unpacks the rationale for this, it looks at how the capital requirement has increased and most importantly the so what, what is the impact on the business and what the possible mitigants in light of it. 


Through attending the course delegates will gain an understanding of the FRTB, its impact on the way RWA’s will be calculated for market risk, the increase in the granularity of data needed to do so and how it strengthens the border between trading book and banking book. 


They will also gain an insight into Credit Valuation Adjustments, when they are applied, how they are calculated and the challenges with applying them. They will also explore the wider ‘XVA” family and gain an understanding of Debt Valuation Adjustments (DVA) and Funding Valuation Adjustments as well.

Who Should Attend

  • Treasury/Finance Professionals wanting to gain a better understanding of how these topics will impact the Asset and Liability Management of a bank

  •  Front, Back or Middle Office professionals wanting an awareness of how and why these areas will impact the trading activities of a bank

  • Management or Management Consultants wanting to explore how the strategic direction of the bank potentially could change to optimise the balance sheet in light of the impact on trading activities.

About the Trainer: Gareth Vance, Trainer, BG Consulting

- Experienced trainer, specializing in Asset & Liability Management

- Experience in implementing Basel III at a leading global investment bank

- Ex Co-Head of Barclay’s Liquidity Management Group


Gareth’s banking career spans almost two decades. From 2010 to 2014 Gareth was Head of Barclays Corporate's £110 billion liquidity portfolio, tasked with the end to end ownership of pricing and structuring of the portfolio to ensure that margins were achieved whilst delivering funding ambitions and regulatory requirements. Acknowledging the challenges of ‘steering the oil tanker’ and managing a non-wholesale portfolio - Gareth was asked to build this function from scratch and roll it out globally, following previous roles in swaps trading and risk solutions.


In parallel to this role from 2012 to 2013, Gareth was Interim Co-Head of the Liquidity Management group (50 FTE and £1bn pa business), sitting on the Global Treasury Products board and worked with treasury colleagues on the adaptation of Basel III/CRD IV within the Corporate Bank - with a particular focus on LCR/Buffer optimisation.


Previous to this, Gareth had senior roles within risk solutions at Barclays, where he collaborated with corporate and investment banking colleagues in structuring and marketing bespoke interest rate hedging solutions to corporate clients.


Prior to his time at Barclays Gareth spent 9 years at Citi where he worked as a Short Term Interest Rate Trader. During that time he made markets and took proprietary risk in G10 currencies against a backdrop of often significant economic turmoil including the Tiger Crisis, formation of the EUR and implosion of the ‘dot com’ bubble.


Since leaving Barclays in 2014 Gareth has been consulting on risk management, principally in liquidity and providing training to institutions such as Barclays, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, RBC, Credit Suisse, ING, Saudi Hollandi Bank, the Bank of England and Central Bank of Ireland.  His area of particular focus has been on the ‘so what’ of Basel III- looking at overcoming challenges in implementing it, it’s impact on Net Interest Margin and ultimately bank strategy.

About BG Consulting

BG Consulting is a preferred global supplier to many global institutions We deliver our training globally and are established in the major European finance centres as well as Asia, Middle East and America.  BG Consulting provides high quality, practical, tailored training for financial institutions.


Asia Training Partner

For more information or enquiries, contact Mark at or call 6223-2809.


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