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Corporate Training in Singapore: 5 Things You Need to Make Your Training Workshop a Success

Are you planning to host a corporate training workshop in Singapore? This can be a tremendous task but it can also be very time consuming if you don’t have the right approach and knowledge. We are here to help and because of that we have created a list with 5 of the best things that you need to focus on when you create a corporate training Singapore workshop!

1) Choose the right venue

A corporate training workshop Singapore needs to be held in a venue that is prepared for this type of tasks.

The requirements for such a venue usually include a projector screen, chairs, tables and a projector. It’s not that much to begin with but you will need all of these if you want to get the best possible results and value. Keep in mind the costs for such a venue, as you have to make sure that it sticks within your designated budget.

A picture of training workshop participants after one of Anagram Group's workshops

2) Select a training company that delivers your needs

When you create a corporate training workshop Singapore you do need to work with a reliable training company that will take care of everything pertaining to the educational aspect.

A good training company can be hard to find at first, so you will have to take your time and study all options before you pick one of them.

3) Date and time

Pick the right date and time after you choose the venue. Especially for a corporate training workshop in Singapore, where the demand is high -- it should be scheduled at least a month in advance if not more because training companies need a large amount of time to create their own schedules. Plus, it will also allow participants to prepare themselves for the workshop as well.

Clarify training objectives and make sure the objectives of the training workshop matches your objectives too.

4) Clarify training objectives

You will need to clarify the training objectives with the trainer. Obviously, the trainer needs to understand what objectives are sought here so he can provide the best corporate training workshop experience. Make sure your training needs match the workshop objectives. Speaking of which -- here's an example of training needs and workshop objectives.

5) Get Feedback after the training session

You will need to gather feedback from all participants that come to your corporate training Singapore experience.

Each of the workshop participants needs to share info in regards to how the training company fared, if they want to study more alongside them or if it wasn’t a pleasant experience for them. This is very important and it does show that there’s a lot of value to be had just from the customer reactions and information alone. Just take your time, study everything shared by the customers and then see how you can improve on your next corporate training workshop Singapore!

Yes, there's many factors in putting together a corporate training in workshop in Singapore, but it can also bring a great set of rewards.

A workshop can help you grow your business, it can provide good exposure and it will also help you connect with some of the best training companies in the industry.

You do need to work closely with training companies as they can help you boost your employee’s knowledge and morale and that will indeed help you take your business to the next level.

About Us

This article was written by Anagram Group, a corporate training company in Singapore, conducting training across Asia.


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