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About Anagram

Anagram Group was founded by husband and wife, Mark Stuart and Liyana Stuart.


The word 'anagram' is a partial anagram, derived from letters of the founders' names.


Both Mark and Liyana saw a need for affordable yet high quality corporate training.


With Mark’s international experience in banking and management, and Liyana’s communication and events background, they both left their jobs and used their savings to set up the company.

Bootstrapping in Bali

The early days of Anagram saw them bootstrapping while living in Bali, Indonesia.


In Bali, Mark wrote training material based on his experience, and Liyana worked on marketing and getting them their first clients.


In Bali, they also purchased an English training franchise and Mark worked with hotels and hospitality clients to train their clients in English and Customer Service.

Garnering a Solid


Client Base in  



As demand for training in Singapore and around Asia grew, they decided to return to Singapore.


Today,  Anagram Group is a training company that focuses mostly on soft skills training, High-Potential programmes and Executive Coaching.


As of February 2018, Anagram has over 130 clients from government agencies, MNCs and start-ups.

International Training

Anagram is often requested to conduct training in Singapore and around the world.


These are just some of the locations where we have conducted training.

Why Anagram

At Anagram, we rearrange thoughts and concepts to form new, bold ideas – and every word has multiple anagrams, therefore anagrams are limitless. 


Anagram’s motto is ‘Limitless Possibilities’.


Anagram stays true to this belief, and believes achieving anything is possible.

Our Values

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