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Prices of DISC tests, workshops, webinars



With Singapore's tight labour market and increasing rates of staff disengagement, DISC is fast becoming the personality profiling tool of choice for many fast-growing companies. 


With DISC, an organization can:


  • Foster greater understanding & teamwork

  • Ensure that staff are in the jobs best suited for their personalities

  • Increase employee retention and productivity


Discounts are available for multiple items, email us at for a quotation for your company now.


Looking for regional DISC solutions? We are also available to conduct DISC training anywhere in Asia.


DISC Solutions


Online DISC personality test & 16-page Analysis: Only $69 each

This 24-question test will be conducted online and is sent out through email. Results and a detailed report (of up to 16 pages) will be emailed promptly, to the recipient or a designated email address (e.g. HR person of the company).


Online DISC personality test + 16-page Analysis + 1-page Custom analysis: Only $109 each

Along with the DISC test, and report our DISC-trained, certified behavioural consultant will write a 1-page report on the types of roles this person is best suited for based on his/her DISC personality profile and what his/her work personality will likely be based on the Job Description provided.  This is especially popular with recruitment agencies / HR consultancies or senior roles (Directors, C-Level and above). 











Half Day DISC Teamwork and Leadership Workshop (Also available Online through Zoom)

Starting at $3100 for 20 pax. Please enquire with us for a quotation

This is a half day in-depth training session. The Trainer will discuss strengths and challenges of different personalities and how each DISC profile fits the organization’s needs. Trainer will speak about a few strategies on how staff can use DISC profiling for greater understanding. 

To view the workshop outline, click here.



1-day DISC Teamwork and Leadership Workshop
Starting at $4590 for 20 pax.
 Please enquire with us for a quotation


This is a fun and interactive, 1-day workshop that can be held at the convenience of your office or venue of your choice. Our DISC trainer will be able to deliver a workshop which focuses on getting maximum teamwork from staff based on their DISC profiles. 


Staff will be able to understand their own DISC profile, their colleagues’ DISC profiles and there will be teambuilding activities. The result is greater understanding, leadership, cohension and teamwork among the staff. We’ve delivered this workshop with great success. We can also work with your preferred caterer or source for catering and the perfect venue to meet your needs.  

To view the workshop outline, click here.


24-question DISC Assessments

Choose from a half day DISC workshop or a 1-day DISC workshop


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