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Innovation & Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking is a problem-solving strategy to explore new possibilities for solutions. Only $4990 for 20 pax

design thinking course singapore

69% of people say design thinking improved their working culture

design thinking course singapore

Meeting/conference room and catering available. 

design thinking course singapore

Design Thinking Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Design Thinking Workshop Overview

Design Thinking Course duration, price, number of participants, workshop materials...

design thinking course singapore

Customisable 1 day Design Thinking course

This Design Thinking course is Suitable for any level

Design Thinking Workshop prices start from $4990 for 20 staff

Customised Design Thinking handbook materials for all participants

Team activities and individual exercises associated with Design Thinking

  1. Learn how to solve problems and challenges through design thinking

  2. All about Design Thinking: Discover the systematic innovation process

  3. Apply the Design Thinking Framework

Design Thinking Workshop
Learning Objectives

Why you should attend this Design Thinking workshop?

design thinking course singapore

About The Design Thinking Trainer


Mark Stuart, CSP has trained over 500+ organisations and thousands of people.


Read his full profile.

Design Thinking Workshop Video
Learn about our Innovation & Design Thinking training workshop

Design Thinking Workshop Outline
Looking for a customised outline? Contact us!

design thinking course singapore

Intro to Design Thinking and Innovation

The business need for design thinking
Design Thinking: Innovation versus invention versus creativity 
Design Thinking Challenges: Viability, Desirability, Feasibility

​The 4 types of Innovation

design thinking course singapore

Applying the Design Thinking Framework to A Challenge Statement 

Design Thinking Step 1: Empathise
Design Thinking Step 2: Define
Design Thinking Step 3: Ideate 

Design Thinking Step 4: Prototype
Design Thinking Step 5: Test


design thinking course singapore

The value of Design Thinking for organisations

Why is there a sudden need for design thinking?

Three innovation challenges: Viability, Desirability, Feasibility

The Design Thinking Framework

design thinking course singapore

Presentation of Solutions and Moving Forward from Ideas to Implementation

Participants will present their solutions and how they address the Challenge Statement to the rest of the class.

Other participants will give their feedback.

Trainer will summarise key learnings and how to move forward from ideas to implementation.

Moving from idea to implementation

Common challenges faced when using design thinking

How to ensure your ideas have the best chance for adoption


Our Innovation and Design Thinking Solutions

Our workshops and solutions are available virtually and in-person

1-Day Innovation & Design Thinking Workshop
Available In-Person or Online

Want to solve a challenge in your industry or organisation? Engage Anagram Group for our popular 1-day Design Thinking & Ideation workshop customised for your company.

Click here for more info.

60-min to half-day Innovation & Design Thinking Virtual Workshop / Webinar
Available Online

A webinar is an online learning event where a trainer conducts a 60 to half-day LIVE virtual workshop about a requested topic, interacts with the audience and answers questions. Most of our virtual workshops or webinars are on Zoom, though we can work with your choice of meeting platform.

Click here for more info. 


Innovation & Design Thinking 2-Day Workshop
Available In-Person or Online


Want to solve a challenge in your industry or organisation? Engage Anagram Group for our popular 2-day Design Thinking & Ideation workshop customised for your company. The first day will focus on Design Thinking theory, while the second day will focus on actively solving the challenge / issue in the organisation. 

Click here for more info. 


Innovation & Design Thinking Online Course
Self-Paced Course, no minimum pax. 4 hours of content. Available Online

Learn safely from the comfort of your own home. Available to individuals or companies who want to train a small group of participants with content available for 90 days. Participants can take this course at any day or time, available 24/7.

Click here for more info.


Ideation Workshop
Half-Day or Full-Day – Available In-Person or Online


Looking to solve challenges in creative and innovative ways? Looking for a facilitator for an ideathon or Innovation Challenge? Our Trainer and Facilitator Mark guides government agencies and MNCs in solving issues through a variety of frameworks, including Design Thinking, Brainstorming and Business Strategy models such as PEST, PORTERS 4, SWOT, Horizon Curve, BCG Matrix and more.

Click here for more info. 



Half-Day Disruption & Innovation Workshop
Available In-Person or Online

Learn about corporate innovation and disruption and discover the systematic Design Thinking process to problem-solving. This is a half-day workshop focusing on the impact of disruption and how you can innovate.


Click here for more info.

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