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1-Day Change Management

Learn how to react to, manage and plan change in an organization

Only $4,500 for 20 pax


Management workshop singapore

70% of all change initiatives fail resulting in financial loss and employee scepticism

Management workshop singapore

"This workshop helped our team have a framework for a big change we were planning on a regional level, and helped give us strategies for reducing anxiety amongst the staff."


Stephen Chow

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Management workshop singapore

Meeting/conference room and catering available. 

Management workshop singapore

Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Workshop Overview

Duration, price, number of participants, workshop materials...

Customisable 1 day workshop

Suitable for any level

Workshop prices start from $4,500 for 20 staff

Customised handbook materials for all participants

Team activities and individual exercises

Management workshop singapore
Management workshop singapore
  1. Learn how you can plan, drive, and communicate change within an organisation

  2. Understand what you can do to eliminate fear of change

  3. Make change stick, and avoid common mistakes

Workshop Learning Objectives

Why you should attend this workshop?

About The Trainer


Mark Stuart, CSP is one of the top trainers in Singapore and is rated top 15% globally.

He has trained over 500+ organisations and thousands of people. Read his full profile.

Workshop Outline

What will be covered in the workshop?

Management workshop singapore

Understanding Change

Myths versus Reality     

Gain clarity on Reasons & Reactions to Change 

Reacting to Change and How to Respond     

The Inside-Out approach

Management workshop singapore

Driving Execution of Change

Creating a compelling change message

Building advocacy

Communicating the change

Stakeholder management

Making change stick

Driving Execution of Change

Management workshop singapore

The Change Cycle

Understanding the human reaction to change     

What you can do to eliminate fear of change      

Avoiding common mistakes     

Putting together a plan

Management workshop singapore

Making Teams Change Ready

Understanding your impact as leader   

Positioning change positively   

Building your brand   

How to plan change for your company

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