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Half-Day DISC Personality Profiling Workshop

Understand yourself, your team, and different communication & leadership styles

Only $3100 for 20 pax for an in-person DISC workshop with assessments.


disc workshop singapore

Over 50 million people have done a DISC Assessment. 70% of the world's most successful companies have used DISC or undergone DISC training.

disc workshop singapore

"DISC Profiling is easy to understand and really helped me understand my colleagues better. It will definitely help me communicate and work better with them. Thank you!"


Farah Yusof

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disc workshop singapore

Meeting/conference room and catering available. 

disc workshop singapore

Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Workshop Overview

Duration, price, number of participants, workshop materials...

disc workshop singapore

DISC assessments included

Suitable for any level

Workshop prices start from $3100 for 20 staff

Customised handbook materials for all participants

Team activities and individual exercises

Team activities and individual exercises

disc workshop singapore
  1. Learn about your personality profile and your team's personality profile

  2. Understand the differences and similarities between different profiles

  3. Learn how you can communicate and lead better, while adjusting your style for different profiles

  4. This all-rounded workshop improves Communication, Leadership & Teamwork, and is often used for Teambuilding days and corporate retreats

Workshop Learning Objectives

Why you should attend this workshop?

About The Trainer


Mark Stuart has trained over 500+ organisations and thousands of people.

Read his full profile.

Workshop Outline

What will be covered in the workshop?

disc workshop singapore

Introduction to DISC

A brief history of DISC
Benefits of DISC Profiling
DISC Behavioural Profiles & Case Studies

Go Team

What Is Your DISC Profile?

Interpreting Your Results - Activity

Behavioural Tendencies & Characteristics
Understanding Motivators & Stressors
Defining Your Goals and Ideal Work Environment - Activity

disc workshop singapore

Enhancing Communication & Relationships

Enhancing Your Communication with Different Profiles 

Teambuilding Game (Helium Stick or Survival Challenge)
Building An Effective Workplace Relationship
How Different Profiles Interact with Each Other

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