Innovation & Design Thinking Workshop


Design Thinking is a problem-solving strategy to explore new possibilities for solutions.

Only $3,950 for 20 pax with Certificate of Completion.

Design Thinking Workshop Details

Design Thinking is a problem-solving strategy to explore new possibilities for solutions.

Obtain Innovation & Design Thinking 

Certificate of Completion at the end of the workshop

Learning materials

Customised Design Thinking handbook materials for all participants.

Design Thinking post-workshop resources available



Customisable 1 day Design Thinking workshop at your office

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Team activities and individual exercises associated with Design Thinking included

Design Thinking Workshop prices start from $3950 for 20 pax


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What is Design Thinking? 

Design Thinking Testimonials

Testimonials from our past clients...

Great that we’re able to apply what we learnt in the hackathon and also projects at work

The encouragement of innovation without judgment

Many helpful tools, having filled in examples of tools e.g. Empathy Map and User Process Experience

Interactive activities with lots of discussion, conceptualisation, 

prototypying and generation of ideas.

Trainer was engaging, clarified doubts and very knowledgeable

69% of people say design thinking improved their working culture

Meeting/conference room and catering available

Design Thinking Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Design Thinking Workshop
Learning Objectives

Why should you attend this Design Thinking workshop?

With disruption imminent in business and our daily lives, knowing how to innovate is crucial for an organisation’s survival. Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. 

Anagram Group’s 1 Day Innovation & Design Thinking Masterclass is a workshop customised for the Singapore audience.


Taught by our Head Trainer Mark Stuart, who trains accelerators and incubators, governments, and MNCs on Innovation, you will learn how to solve problems and challenges through the application of the design thinking framework, and learn how to drive innovation and creativity at work.

Icebreaker Activity
A fun icebreaker to begin the workshop


Innovation & Creativity

  • Innovation versus invention versus creativity 

  • Innovation across Asia – what’s holding us back?

  • How to encourage creativity from every employee


Intro to Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking for non-designers

  • What it takes to create culture of design thinkers

  • Common problems faced trying to implement design thinking

  • Three Innovation Challenges: Viability, Desirability, Feasibility

  • Case studies of successful design thinking implementation


Learning & Applying the Design Thinking Framework

  • Empathise: Who are your end clients? What are their needs?

  • Define: Define what the user requirements are

  • Ideate: Brainstorm and ideate ideas to solve the identified problem

  • Prototype: Build/sketch out the selected ideas in more details

  • Test: Establish how you can test these ideas on your client base


Activities: Participants will spend the majority of the day working in groups and using the Design Thinking Framework and tools to find solutions to possible challenges / issues in their organisation. Trainer will guide participants through this process, concluding with teams presenting their prototype.


Presentation of Ideas
Teams will present the ideas generated which solves the Challenge Statement.

From Ideas to Implementation
Trainer will discuss how to bring ideas to implementation

Q&A and Closing

Training Pictures

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Here at Anagram, we take pride in our clients’ satisfaction. The end of an engagement is the beginning, not the end of a client relationship.

We ask every participant of our training courses and workshops about what they liked, and what we can do better.

85% of our clients rated us 'excellent', 65% said we went 'above and beyond what is expected'




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