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Facilitation & Talks for Corporate Retreats

Facilitation starts at $2900 for a half-day facilitation
$4900 for a 1-day facilitation, $6900 for a 2-day facilitation

Prices are for 20 pax. Enquire today to get a quote.

No strategy session is complete without a good facilitator!


1-hour talk with topic of your choice!

"Mark was highly engaging and helped a dysfunctional team find clarity."

- Derrick Tan, Director, American MNC

Available at your choice of venue or location around Asia  

Corporate Retreat Strategy Facilitation in Singapore 

Duration, price, number of participants, workshop materials...

Suitable for Management
and C-Level, regional retreats in Singapore and around Asia

$990 for 1-hour talk with topic of your choice

Team activities, discussions and teambuilding

$2900 for corporate facilitation & strategy session (half-day),

$4900 for a full-day session
$6,900 for a 2-day session

All prices are for 20 pax

1. Take your strategy sessions for a new level with an
expert international facilitator who is well-versed with navigating

cross-cultural, management issues, teamwork and collaboration
issues and more


2. Ensure your meeting is on track so you can accomplish your goals and
vision for the year ahead


3. Top up with bite-sized learning with your choice of a 1-hour talk

Learning Objectives

Why you should attend?

corporate retreat singapore

About The Trainer / Facilitator


Mark Stuart, CSP is one of the top trainers in Singapore and is rated top 15% globally.


He has trained over 550+ organisations and thousands of people. Read his full profile.

Facilitator for Off-site / Strategy Sessions

$2,900 for half-day (4 hour session) 

$4,900 for 1-day (8 hour session)

$6,900 for a 2-day session (16 hour session)

*All prices are for 20 pax. 

No strategy session is complete without a good facilitator!


 Looking for a facilitator for your corporate event or strategy session?

  • Facilitators are able to take your strategy session to a new level as professional and unbiased moderators 

  • Ensure your meeting is on track and on time

  • Anagram’s Master Trainer / Facilitator Mark is available for facilitation in Singapore or around Asia.

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corporate retreat singapore
corporate retreat singapore facilitation strategy session.jpg



Strategy Facilitation Workshop Objectives


  • Review what’s been working up till now, and what needs changed

  • Allow participants an opportunity to discuss and share views on strategies and initiatives to improve performance in 2023 and beyond

  • Individual and group teambuilding & brainstorming of ideas to turn around performance



Activities during the retreat

Guided ideation and discussion sessions, small discussion groups, individual reflection to discuss how to move forward in 2023 and beyond.


Tools used

Tools will include various strategic and ideation frameworks and exercises that can be applied to encourage innovative thinking, collaboration and a clearer strategy for the year ahead


Retrospective Exercise

Retrospective to review current and past performance. In retrospective exercises, the facilitator will guide participants through an exercise to reflect on the past year, and identify what the organisation needs to stop doing, start doing and do more/less of. This aligns everyone to where we are as an organisation.


Establish Goals and Identify Risks

Agree as a team the goals we want to achieve in the session. Participants will then discuss some of the risks the obstacles they face and start to think how to overcome them.



Identify Objectives

Participants will identify key objectives for 2023/24 that will help improve performance. This can be at regional, country or business line leve.

Idea Generation

Teams will brainstorm – by themselves – and then discuss their ideas as a group on what how they can achieve the identified objectives & initiatives they can take to meet it.


Establishing Action and Deliverables

Participants will discuss action points and tangible deliverables they can take in the next 6 months.


Summary and Q&A

Facilitator will close off session with wrapping up what was discussed, summarising action points, and what next steps could be going forward.

Optional: Add on a Short Talk 

Add on a short talk within your retreat for an additional $990.
Topics for 1
-hour talks derived from our most popular workshops

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Topic: The 4 Levels of Leadership

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Topic: Emotional Intelligence

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Topic: Optimising Innovation and Productivity

What is the relationship between innovation and productivity?

Learn about how to innovate and boost productivity at work

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Topic: Communication & Collaboration

Master the art of how to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues

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