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Ideation Sessions

(Problem Solving Facilitation)

Looking to solve challenges in creative and innovative ways?

Looking for a facilitator for an ideathon?

Only $4,990 for full day session for 20 pax; $2,490 for half day session for 20 pax

ideation session singapore

Looking to solve challenges in creative and innovative ways? Looking for a facilitator for an ideathon? Anagram can help!


Our Trainer and Facilitator Mark guides government agencies and MNCs in solving issues through a variety of frameworks, including Design Thinking, Brainstorming and Business Strategy models such as PEST, PORTERS 4, SWOT, Horizon Curve, BCG Matrix and more.


Through our full day or half day sessions, Mark guides participants through a structured process to solve a particular challenge (determined by the client), and also helps determine next steps and action points for the challenge. Clients walk away with an action plan and a clear understanding of the next steps required for success.

Mark Stuart has trained over 175+ organisations and thousands in Singapore and Asia. Read his full profile.

Full day 



Half day



A half-day OR full-day session where participants will learn about the Design Thinking framework, and brainstorm a problem statement and ideate to solve those problems.

Icebreaker Activity
An ice-breaker to begin the workshop by getting select participants to reveal an interesting thing about themselves


Innovation in Singapore
Innovation in Singapore and in the client’s industry – what’s holding us back?

Intro to Design Thinking

  • Case studies of successful design thinking implementation in their industry

  • Learning the Design Thinking Framework: Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

Applying the Design Thinking Framework
Participants will be broken down into groups. Each group will use the Design Thinking Framework to find solutions to possible challenges / issues. Trainer will guide participants through this process.

  • Empathise

  • Define

  • Ideate

Teambuilding Activity
The finale is a fun teambuilding game which will challenge participants to utilise the principles of design thinking in a creative way.

Learn about how our Ideation Sessions help organisations in this video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is an Ideation Session different from your Innovation & Design Thinking Workshop?

Our Innovation & Design Thinking Workshop focuses on giving participants a framework to solve issues and drive innovation.

An ideation session is different in that its main objective is helping clients solve a particular challenge through the application of structured frameworks and brainstorming sessions.

Clients usually come to us, with a particular challenge or problem, and through our Ideation Session, we help provide a framework for participants to solve that particular issue.

Q: What would be some examples of a challenge I could solve through your Ideation Sessions?

It really depends on our clients – some come to us because they are looking to innovate an existing product or service, some come to us to find solutions for overcoming much larger issues – such as an environmental concern.


Through applying a framework such as Design Thinking, we can guide participants through the process of problem solving and innovation, enabling and empowering them to think out of the box.

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ideation session singapore

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