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2-Day Change Management Workshop & Strategy Facilitation 

In this unique 2 Day Course which is a blend of a 1-day Change Management workshop and 1-day facilitation, learn how to react to, manage and plan change in an organization, and plan a strategy for moving ahead

Only $6,500 for 20 pax


change management course singapore

70% of all change initiatives fail resulting in financial loss and employee scepticism

change management course singapore

"This workshop helped our team have a framework for a big change we were planning on a regional level, and helped give us strategies for reducing anxiety amongst the staff."


Stephen Chow

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change management course singapore

Meeting/conference room and catering available. 

change management course singapore

Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Workshop Overview

Duration, price, number of participants, workshop materials...

Customisable 2 day workshop

Suitable for any level

Workshop prices start from $6500 for 20 staff

Customised handbook materials for all participants

Team activities and individual exercises

change management course singapore

Course Learning Objectives

Why you should attend this workshop?

  1. Learn how you can plan, drive, and communicate change within an organisation

  2. Trainer will facilitate guided discussions on achieving targets, assigning responsibilities to meet goals

  3. Trainer will facilitate discussions on how to move from ideas to implementation

About The Trainer / Facilitator


Mark Stuart has trained over 150 organisations and over 2000 people. Read his full profile.

Workshop Outline

What will be covered in the workshop?


change management course singapore

Change Management & Leadership In A Digital Age

The Future of Work
Leading the changing nature of the workplace
Organisational structures
Remote working
Innovation & collaboration
How is the current landscape changing the demands placed on leaders?
Digital tools and skills needed to succeed in the age of disruption
Most-wanted skillsets for future leaders


change management course singapore

Championing Change

Gaining clarity on the reasons & reactions to change
Why many change initiatives fail and how to make yours a success
What you can do as a leader to eliminate fear of change    Understanding your impact as leader on your teams
Identifying resistance and strategies for influencing change

change management course singapore

Driving Execution of Change & Making Teams

Change Ready

Creating a compelling change message

Building advocacy and positioning change positively    

The importance of communication in the change process

Stakeholder management

Driving Execution of Change


change management workshop

Day 2 will be a guided facilitation session where the leadership teams works together to generate positive strategies to carry their office forward following the recent reorganisation. How can they leverage the change to propel the company forward and come away with actionable strategies to achieve their vision?



Agree common objectives for the day ahead. What is the vision for the division/business line? Are we all in line with that vision? Do we need to establish a new vision and mission statement?


Review the current vision and mission statements. Are they still valid, and are they, and their teams, still committed to the values/statement.



What goals do we need to set to achieve the vision? As a leadership team, identify areas that require improvement and what impact or outcome we want.



Identify key issues and challenges affecting the business, that is preventing them from working optimally as a unit, both now and in the future


Review what is stopping the division from achieving their vision. What impact doe this have on the business; both individually, and across their team/department.



What are the key strategies we need to apply to overcome the obstacles and achieve the goals?



Structured ideation session, small Breakout groups to discuss to how to move forward in 2019 and beyond. How to collaborate across silos to succeed.


Tools could include:

  • Group nominal technique

  • Brainwriting

  • Structured brainstorming

  • Crazy 8s



Agree on the main 5-6 ideas to achieve vision. Assign responsibilities for executing tasks and strategies, identify resources, people, tools, KPIs required etc. How does the team move from ideas to implementation?



Models that could also be used:

  • McKinsey’s Horizon Curve

  • Porters 5 Forces

  • BCG Growth-Share Matrix

  • PEST or STEP           


Approaches/Techniques may also include:

  • Brainstorming/Ideation

  • Brainwriting

  • Nominal Group Technique

  • Personal reflection

  • Small group discussion

  • Facilitated/guided discussion

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