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Training Methodology

Anagram believes in combining recent, up to date management theory, together with the practical realities of management.


With an emphasis on understanding how the theory and skills learnt in the workshop apply in the context of the participants’ job, our training ensures an instant return on investment.

Our  workshops are split into sessions that focus on particular competencies associated with management. The trainer will introduce some research, theory, or instigate a discussion topic. This is usually followed by a group exercise (role-play, discussion, case study etc.) and a short debrief to understand how to relate it back to the workplace.


This approach ensures that a majority of time is spent on practical, relatable exercises and discussion, and not too much time spent lecturing to the participants.


A variety of materials are used during the delivery, including:


- PowerPoint

- Case studies

- Video

- Role-play

- Leadership development and team building activities.


Although the workshop will follow an agreed-upon outline, the trainer is flexible in his approach should a particular area of interest arise that deserves a deeper exploration.

For more information about our Training Methodology, contact us!

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