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Anagram Group | Our Values

Watch our video to learn more about our values and philosophy.


The corporate training company with a difference

Watch our video to learn more about why we are different from other training companies.


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Head Trainer Mark Stuart speaks about EQ. Learn about EQ from our Emotional Intelligence Workshop and our Emotionally Intelligent Leader Workshop.

Anagram Group Overview

Learn why 85% of our clients rate us 'excellent' and why 80% of clients use our services repeatedly.


High-Potential Training Program

Anagram Group has delivered over 20 high potential (HiPo) leadership training programmes for MNCs in Asia. 

A HiPo program is used by companies to identify, nurture and develop employees who have the potential to become future leaders. 


Presentation Skills Workshop

Did you know that 75% of people say they would like to be better at giving better presentations? And 70% of people say presentation skills are critical for career success?

Anagram Group presents Presentation Skills Workshop.


Change Management Workshop

Did you know that 70% of all change initiatives fail resulting in financial loss and employee scepticism?

Or that 33% of management initiatives don't support change, and 39% of employees resist change?
Turn this around with change management training.



Negotiation & Influence Workshop


Master the art of influence, negotiate your way to success, learn about body language and building confidence, and discover how you can negotiate agreements to more favourable outcomes.


Self-Leadership & Innovation Workshop


According to a survey of over 1,700 executives, innovation is a key driver of growth across all companies. Yet most companies are not focused on innovation but on day-to-day issues.

Learn how you can become an innovative leader today!


10% off for SMEs, charities, non-profits 

IIf you are an SME, charity or non-profit, you qualify for 10% OFF all training workshops! 

Enquire now!


Corporate Retreat Talks & Facilitation

Planning your year-end corporate retreat? Looking for inspiring 1 hour talks and facilitation services? Look no further! Our short talks are just $990.

Learn about our services here.


Stepping into Management Workshop

Did you know that 90% of managers are untrained for the jobs they do? Learn how to manage teams, deliver results through inspiring leadership and management skills with our powerful Stepping into Management workshop by Anagram Group.


Making Meetings Work Workshop

Did you know that only half of meetings are productive when executives are untrained? Learn how you can save your company time and money with our popular Making Meetings Work workshop.


Lunch and Learn Workshops

Our lunch and learn workshops start at a flat fee of $990. 


Learn about our Lunch and Learn workshops in Singapore.


Benefits of DISC Personality Profiling

We provide DISC workshops, DISC assessments and DISC consultation to help companies engage, retain staff and boost performance. We also conduct DISC Teambuilding events.


Learn what DISC is and our DISC solutions in Singapore.


DISC Assessments, Workshops and more

We provide DISC workshops, DISC assessments and DISC consultation to help companies engage, retain staff and boost performance. 


Learn about our DISC solutions in Singapore.


Investment Operations Certificate Courses


Anagram Group is an Accredited Training Provider of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). 


Our courses include Intro to Securities & Investment (International), Derivative Operations, Operational Risk and Global Securities Operations.


Visit our IOC Singapore website now.

About Mark Stuart, MD, Anagram Group

Learn about Mark Stuart, Managing Director and Head Trainer for Anagram Group. Mark is also an Executive Coach and a Behavioural Consultant.




About Executive Coaching

Learn about Executive Coaching in Singapore and online in Asia by Anagram Group.


Visit our webpage on Executive Coaching


Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Watch this video to learn about our EQ workshop, or click here for an outline.


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