Lunch & Learn Sessions

Enhance employee skills in a way that will save you both time and money

Bite-sized 60 to 90 min sessions, starting from only $990 for 20 pax.

Virtual Lunch and Learn workshops are available virtually on your preferred platform.

Lunch & Learn is an event at which people bring their lunches and listen to the speakers during a lunch break. 

We come to you so you can maximise your lunch hour!  We finish on time so as not to take up too much of your busy day.

Held at the comfort of your office boardroom or training room. Catering available. 

Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Workshop Overview

Duration, price, number of participants, workshop materials...

1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Up to your lunch schedule! 

Suitable for any level

Workshop prices start from $990 for 20 pax

Customised handouts for all participants

Discussions and individual exercises

Post-workshop resources available

  1. Maximise your lunch time break to learn a new skill

  2. Bite-sized learning in your office

  3. Content can be digested effectively 

Workshop Learning Objectives

Why you should attend this workshop?

A Lunch & Learn for 60 pax that Anagram conducted for MediaCorp.

About The Trainer

Mark Stuart, CSP has trained over 350+ organisations and thousands of participants in 19 countries. Read his full profile.

Workshop Outline

Lunch & Learn topic offerings are short versions of workshops we already run.

Topic: The 4 Levels of Leadership

Simple techniques to make you a more powerful and effective leader.

Learn more about the workshop outline, here.

Topic: Optimising Innovation and Productivity In The Workplace

What is the relationship between innovation and productivity? Learn the impacts and keeping up with innovation. 

Learn more about the workshop outline, here.

Topic: Emotional Intelligence

Learn the science of human behaviour, apply EQ for maximum effectiveness.

Learn more about the workshop outline, here.

Topic: Communication & Collaboration

Learn how to communicate and collaborate with your collagues.

Learn more about the workshop outline, here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

More details on Lunch & Learn

What is a Lunch and Learn?

Lunch & Learn is an event at which people bring their lunches and listen to the speakers
during a lunch break. 


What topics do you speak on?

Currently we offer several topics (below) that are short versions of workshops we already run.


The topics are:

- The 4 Levels of Leadership
- Emotional Intelligence

- Communication & Collaboration

- Optimising Innovation & Productivity in the Workplace

*Want to request an alternative topic? Email

What are your prices like?

A lunch and learn talk is a casual, learning experience held at your office. It includes handouts for participants

and our trainer giving a 60 min talk. 


Our prices for a 60-min speech start at $990 for 20 pax. Please contact us for a quotation.

How much does it cost?

We only charge a flat fee, and not usually a per pax fee.


This way, you get maximum return of investment for large groups. Catering is not included, and your company should make its own arrangements for catering or ask staff to bring their own lunch. Email us for our recommendations! We'd love to help.


Where is it held?

We come to you so you can maximise your lunch hour! Whether you have a boardroom or auditorium, no venue is too big or small for us.


How long does it last?

The Lunch & Learn session lasts anything from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, it's up to your lunch schedule! We finish on time so as not to take up too much of your busy day.


Who can I speak to?

You can drop us a message on our LiveChat for an instant response, Whatsapp us at 82502835 or email us at


We'd love to hear from you!

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