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Hybrid Presentation Skills Workshop

Master the art of delivering confident and convincing presentations in-person and virtually. Only $4,900 for 20 pax

75% of those who give presentations say they would like to be better at presenting

"This workshop was great for our sales team as it helped build their confidence and sell better. Thank you!"


Edmund Chin

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Meeting/conference room and catering available. 

Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Hybrid Presentation Skills Workshop Overview

Traditional presentation skills are no longer relevant. To excel in the modern workplace, excel in delivering confident and convincing presentations both virtually and in-person. Presentation skills are essential for business and career success. Train your client-facing teams and boost their confidence with our in-house workshop.

Customisable 1 day workshop

Suitable for any level

Workshop prices start from $4,900 for 20 staff

Customised handbook materials for all participants

Team activities and individual exercises

Before and after individual presentation video

  1. Excel in delivering confident and convincing presentations in-person and virtually

  2. Overcome nerves and connect with the audience wherever they are

  3. Discover creative ways of presenting data and storytelling into your presentations

  4. Learn tips and hacks from one of Asia’s top professional speakers

Workshop Learning Objectives

Why you should attend this workshop?

About The Trainer


Mark Stuart, CSP is one of the top trainers in Singapore and is rated top 15% globally.

He has trained over 650+ organisations in 22 countries.

Mark is also an international keynote speaker, and will bring his expertise as a professional speaker and experience from the corporate world into this workshop.


Read his full profile.

Workshop Outline

What will be covered in the workshop?

Short Sample Presentation by Participants
Participants make a short 2-3 minute presentation at the start of the workshop so we can compare and contrast styles at the start and end of the workshop. Option to film them.



The Impact of Presentation Skills on your work
Top 5 Reasons Why Presentations Fail

The SYSTEM and Constructing Your Presentation

Using the 6-Step System (State, Yourself, Stance, Tonality, Eye Contact, Movement) for Impactful Presentations

Applying Structure to Your Presentations & Considerations for Virtual Presentations

How to Start Strong to Capture Audiences’ Attention

o   How to Close Presentations with Control and Impact

presentation skills training singapore

Presentations: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

Good versus Bad Presentations

Overcoming Nerves

Connecting with Your Audience

The Differences between Face-To-Face Presentations and Virtual Presentations

Presenting Data and Applying Storytelling Techniques

Presenting Data with Clarity to Keep Audiences Engaged

Using Storytelling to Enhance Message

The Art of Data Storytelling

PowerPoint Tips for Encompassing Data and Storytelling

5 Tips for Presenting Data in a Presentation

Advanced Presentation Skills

  • Handling Difficult Questions … and People

  • Communication and Influence Skills to Better Convey Your Message

  • How to React to Unexpected Scenarios and Think on Your Feet

Putting it all together
Participants to do and revise their sample presentation to include new skills

Final Presentation by Participants

Discussion and critique to compare presentations from start

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