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Train the Trainer Singapore 

Now our Hit, Tried-and-Tested Training Content Can Be Yours. 

Purchase Our Internationally-Used, Tried & Tested, Training Content for Your Workshops!
train the trainer singapore

Looking for Train the Trainer and tried-and-tested content for your company’s in-house training programmes in Singapore? Don’t want to come up with it yourself?

Our content has been so well-received, our clients have asked us to sell it to them for cost-savings, scale, and more in-depth customisation.

By popular demand, we are now offering our materials you can customise and white-label for your organisation. We have Singapore and Asia and Global Licenses available.

Our content has been tried, tested, and refined through participant feedback through 500+ workshops over the years, tested on thousands of participants in Singapore and around Asia.

Train the Trainer Workshops in Singapore and Content Licensing Available from our Best-Selling Programmes:

  • Innovation & Design Thinking

  • DISC Personality Profiling

  • Influence & Negotiation

  • Presentation Skills

  • Stepping Into Management

  • The 4 Levels of Leadership

Train the Trainer: Track Record & Training Locations

Anagram has trained thousands of people across Singapore and Asia we are trusted by some of the leading multi-nationals and government agencies.


Our training helps make an impact in the organisations we train and over 85% of our clients rate our training ‘excellent’.

train the trainer singapore
Train the Trainer: Anagram In The News

Anagram has received recognition for "future proofing" leaders in Asia One, Business Insider and other publications.


Train the Trainer and Content Licensing in Singapore

train the trainer singapore
Content Licensing in Asia and Globally - Purchase a license to use content globally
training content license singapore

Why Purchase Our Training Content?

  • UNLIMITED COST-SAVINGS:  Engaging a training company to run a workshop will cost you anything from $3000 to $7000 PER day. Our content license solutions means there is no limit for how many times your organisation can run training workshops based on the content you purchased. This is ideal for businesses and MNCs as you can use our content again and again. Our content has been used as part of Leadership Development Programmes, High-Potential Programmes, and Development Programmes and more.


  • TIME SAVINGS: Get your training programme up and running straight away – with our tried-and-tested templates, you can customise the presentation slides and workbook and use them for your workshops! There’s no second guessing on whether the content is right, and if the activities and games will be effective.


  • RIGHTS TO TRANSLATE OUR CONTENT: All our content is available in English, but you can choose to translate them into different Asian languages to meet your company’s needs. Our clients have translated our content into Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and more!


  • LEARN FROM A MASTER TRAINER: Our Master Trainer Mark Stuart, CSP is top 15% of all global speakers/trainers, and he can guide you and your team on how to deliver, re-purpose and customise the workshop to meet your organisation’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Train the Trainer and Content Licensing programmes

Q: Why should we engage your company for Train the Trainer or Content Licensing?


A: Our content has been adapted, refined and tried and tested across 650+ organisations and tested on thousands of participants in Singapore and across Asia, for length of sections, audience engagement, relevance to organisations and more, so the content becomes a ‘plug and play’ solution for internal trainers or Learning and Development teams.


This results in great cost savings and time savings for the organisation, as it eliminates costs of engaging training companies to run Singapore, Asia-wide or Global programmes which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


We also provide free support and advice for running these programmes from our Master Trainer, and we can be engaged for more Train the Trainer programmes should the need arise. This is a perfect solution for organisations looking to scale their training programmes.


Q: Who are your clients for Train the Trainer (TTT) and Content Licensing programmes?


A: Our clients are mostly corporates and organisations who have internal trainers or Learning and Development executives who they would like us to train through Train the Trainer programmes. Our solutions usually comprise of a Train the Trainer programme (1 day, 2 day or 3 days) where our Master Trainer trains trainers/facilitators on how to run a successful workshop, customised for their organisation using our tried-and-tested content and materials.


Following the TTT programme, participants also receive editable slides (in Microsoft Powerpoint format) and editable workbook materials (in Microsoft Word format) which they can use for their organisation going forward. Clients can also choose to buy the Asia License or Global License, which will enable them to use the content for their organisation’s needs in different geographies. Clients can also choose to translate our materials to different languages.

Q: Who are usual participants in your Train the Trainer (TTT) workshops, and how many participants are there?


A: Our usual participants are usually certified as Trainers, Lecturers or Facilitators, or have a Learning and Development or teaching background. We usually limit each workshop to 15 participants at a time, but can expand the number of participants by request. Please contact to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Q: What are the fees like?

A: Our fees are as follows:


For usage of content in Singapore

For organisations who would like to use the content in Singapore, there are 3 options for Content Licensing for Singapore, ranging from $15,900, $18,900 and $34,900.  Option C is the most popular.


For usage of content in Asia or Globally

For use of content beyond Singapore, there is an additional fee of $29,900 (for Asia-wide license) and $45,900 (for global license).


All fees are one-time and there are no other ongoing fees for the programmes. For a detailed quotation, please contact to discuss your organisation’s needs.


Q: Do you deliver customised Train the Trainer for our organisation’s needs?


A: Yes, unlike generic Train the Trainer and Content Licensing packages run by other organisations with zero support, we can customise our content and delivery to meet your organisation’s needs to ensure it’s a great fit. Our Master Trainer will always be available to answer your questions, after the purchase. We can customise our content to meet your training objectives, participants’ profiles, and more. Please contact to discuss your organisation’s needs so we can come up with a highly customised solution.


Q: Can you run these Train the Trainer programmes outside Singapore?


A: Absolutely, we can run these programmes outside Singapore, and clients have asked us to run the programmes in Asia. We would require clients to reimburse us for our Master Trainer’s flight and hotel expenses during the Train the Trainer programme.

Q: What is the difference between Asia and Global Content License?


A: The difference is that the content for the Asia License can only be used in Asia, while the Global Content License covers every country (including all Asian countries). Both licenses cover the right to translate our content into different languages.

Train the Trainer and Content Licensing Enquiries

We would love to discuss how our content can meet your organisation's needs.

For more information, contact

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