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Engaging Singapore's workforce with DISC training

by Mark Stuart, Managing Director, Anagram Group

According to a Gallup Survey, 76% of staff in Singapore are disengaged with their work. This is one of the highest rates of disengagement in the world, and has forced many Singaporean firms to urgently address the issue of employee engagement.


Some solutions include increased feedback mechanisms, and flexible work arrangements. Or, could the solution be as simple as placing the right person in the right role?


One solution designed to help the process is using behaviour assessment tools, such as DISC, to understand employees and place them in the right jobs, thereby optimising their strengths and working styles. Based on the works of psychologist William Marston, the DISC assessment is a series of questions administered over a test, usually online. The results and report are generated based on the answers to those questions. 


According to a June 2014 Randstad survey, almost half of Singaporean employees are unhappy with their job, with three-quarters viewing their job only as a way to make a living and nothing more.


With 80% not hesitating to move jobs if more money comes along, Singaporean firms need to find a better way to engage their employees and understand their motivations and behaviour patterns.


Read the article on Singapore Business Review.

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