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1-on-1 Leadership Coaching with DISC


Executive coaching is about unlocking your management potential with the support and private assistance of a trainer/coach who will consistently challenge, stimulate and guide you. Take your leadership and management skills to the next level with our leadership coaching services today.




  • $200 for a 90 minute session

  • Minimum of 4 sessions

  • Takes place at venue of your choice 



- How to create a happy workforce
- How to engage, and lead your team
- How to excel in leadership and management
- How to lead your company to greater heights 

Outline of sessions:

Getting to know you
– Here we get to know more about you, your company, and where you would like to see it in the future
Bluesky exercise – If the sky was the limit, where would YOU like to see yourself and your company?
SWOT analysis – Analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as a leader
Goal Setting – What type of leader would you like to be? What are your goals for taking your company to the next level? What are some time management strategies you can use to accomplish your goals?
Increasing employee satisfaction – What are strategies some of the best companies use to retain staff and improve well-being?
Leadership through personality profiling – Introduction to DISC personality profiling, used by MNCs. How you can lead and manage different personalities at work for maximum results and teamwork
The 4 Levels of Leadership © – Learning what level of leadership you’re at, and how you can emulate some traits of great business leaders
Secrets of Great Leadership – How can you be a great leader, and yet be well-loved and respected by your employees? Here we coach you on some tactics and strategies for being the best leader you can be.


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