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Get certified in Innovation & Design Thinking

Online course is $199 a person, $209 (inclusive of e-book), or $590 inclusive of a
1-on-1 coaching session.

Available 24/7, self-paced, interactive. 14-day money back guarantee.

The world is fast-changing and facing widespread disruption. Learn one of the most-wanted skills for the post-pandemic world. Get certified in Innovation and Design Thinking in Singapore and Asia from one of the top Innovation trainers and speakers – Mark Stuart CSP. 

In this course, open to everyone,  learn about the Design Thinking framework, and brainstorm a problem statement and ideate to solve those problems. 


Learn about organisations which have implemented Design Thinking, and brainstorm ideas on how to conquer challenges in community outreach with an innovative mindset. At the end of the course, receive a Certificate of Completion in Innovation & Design Thinking.

design thinking online certification course singapore

Why Join This Course?

  • Learn and understand the concepts of Design Thinking

  • Apply Design Thinking and Innovation theory in challenges in the workplace 

  • Adopt a mindset of Innovation, Problem-Solving and Creativity

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion in Innovation & Design Thinking

  • Learn one of the most-wanted skills for the future of work

At A Glance

design thinking course singapore
design thinking course singapore

Fully interactive with videos, quizzes, and more

design thinking course singapore

This course can be taken on a computer or laptop from anywhere with an Internet connection

design thinking course singapore

Certification in Design Thinking and Innovation available 



Introduction to Innovation and Design Thinking

  • Introduction to innovation and its growing importance

  • A look at the 4 key types of Innovation

  • Article: A quick guide to Design Thinking

Innovation in Singapore and Asia

  • The changing face of innovation in Asia

  • What’s holding back innovation in Singapore

  • Case studies in user-centric innovation from leading global companies

  • Article with case studies (to read)

Applying the Design Thinking Frameworks

  • Why Design Thinking is now driving modern innovation across many industries

  • Three innovation challenges: Viability, Feasibility, and Desirability

  • Different DT frameworks in the market and the one we’ll be using for this course

  • Identifying your challenge theme

  • Article on Frame Your Design Challenge

Design Thinking Stage 1: Empathise

  • Identifying your different users

  • How to conduct user interviews and ethnographic research

  • Synthesising your results and compiling an empathy map

  • Creating your personas

  • User journey mapping

  • Exercise on creating personas and journey mapping

Design Thinking Stage 2: Define

  • Define your user requirements

  • Creating a Point of View

  • Exercise / activity on Creating a point of view

  • Generating How Might We questions

  • Design Thinking Quiz 1

Design Thinking Stage 3: Ideate

  • Guidelines for effective brainstorming

  • Animation on Rapid Ideation

  • Rapid ideation exercises to generate possible solutions

  • How to narrow down your ideas to a select few for prototyping

Design Thinking Stage 4: Prototyping

  • Different types of prototyping for different solutions

  • Low versus high fidelity prototypes

  • Article on how to prototype with basic materials

Design Thinking Stage 5: Test

  • User testing of your prototype

  • How to use feedback to generate further iterations

  • Activity on Gathering Feedback

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Design Thinking Quiz 2

  • Moving from idea to implementation

  • Common challenges faced when using design thinking

  • How to ensure your ideas have the best chance of success

Design Thinking Online Course Singapore.
  • Learn safely from the comfort of your own home

  • You can join from home or office - anywhere with an internet connection

  • No need to wait for confirmation of a public course. Take this course ANY DAY at ANYTIME.

  • No additional software or programmes to download, learn from anywhere 

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion in Innovation & Design Thinking

Want a course preview? Watch our first module of our Design Thinking course, or contact

Your world-class trainer for this Certification Course
Mark Stuart, CSP - Top 15% of speakers globally


Mark Stuart, CSP has trained over 240+ organisations and thousands of
people. Mark has experience delivering webinars, workshops and keynote speeches. Mark is one of the leading trainers and speakers in Singapore and is sought after by MNCs and government agencies.


Read his full profile.

Course Videos

A video about course features

First video of the course

Overview of the course

Why This Course?

  • Available 24/7

  • Produced by one of Asia's top trainers in Innovation

  • Self-paced, to your schedule

  • Has an Asian context with case studies

  • Superior customer service

  • Does not need a minimum number of attendees to go ahead

  • Whitelabel and customisation opportunities for organisations

This course is suitable for:

- Managers / Heads of departments

- Directors
- C-level / Entrepreneurs

- Business Owners

- Anyone who wants to learn about Innovation

Course Pricing & Top-Ups

Design Thinking Online Course Singapore
Design Thinking Online Course Singapore

Q: Is this Innovation and Design Thinking Online Course for organisations or individuals?

A: Both! This course can be taken by anyone who wants to learn about Innovation and Design Thinking. At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion in Innovation and Design Thinking.

However, we have special pricing for organisations who purchase for more than 20 persons. We also offer a Group Webinar for 20 pax and above at only $990, and Virtual Group Coaching at only $350.


Q: Do I need any special software to run this course?

A: Nope! You only need a web browser on a Mac or Windows PC for the course. You can also access it on your smartphone, but we recommend a laptop or PC for the best experience.


Q: Which platform do you use for this course? What does it look like?

A: Our online course is hosted on Thinkific, an online course platform trusted by many education and training companies.

Q: What certificate do I get at the end of the Innovation and Design Thinking Online Course?

A: You will get a Certificate of Completion in Innovation and Design Thinking after the completion of our online course. This certificate will be made available to you through a PDF and sent to the email you used to register for the course.

Q: What does this Innovation and Design Thinking Online Course come with?

A: The course comes with access to our Innovation and Design Thinking Online Course which comprises of 9 modules, 28 videos, Quizzes, Templates, Articles and more at $199. For $209, you will receive a PDF Ebook of all the slides covered in the course. For $590, you will also receive a 1-on-1 coaching session with our Master Trainer.

Each participant gets course access for up to 90 days. For a longer duration, please contact us so we can learn about your needs.

For organisations, we can also top-up the online course with a Group Webinar on Innovation and Design Thinking for 20 pax and above at only $990, and Virtual Group Coaching at only $350. Simply contact us for a quote.

Q: I love your Innovation and Design Thinking Online course! Can I promote your course to others?

A: Yes, we work with a number of training and education partners on this. Please contact us at for information, marketing materials and affiliate fees.

Q: What modes of payment do you have?

A: We can accept PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, and for government organisations in Singapore, we accept E-invoice through Vendors@Gov. For other terms of payment, please contact us at We have both SGD and USD corporate bank accounts and accept either currency.


Q: Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

A: We provide a money-back guarantee within 15 days of enrolment. Simply write in to us at

Have a question? Contact us!

Thanks! Message sent.

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