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Why Effective Negotiation Skills Can Help Improve Your Work

Negotiation is part of every area of life, and this article will help you improve your negotiating skills in the workplace.

A study shows 32% of people find negotiation unpleasant, yet it’s a key management skill.

Yet many companies don’t invest in negotiation training when negotiation is one of the hardest skillsets to master yet can improve anyone’s effectiveness at work, improve sales and boost performance.

Effective negotiation skills can help staff in the following scenarios:

- Negotiate larger contracts for your organisation - Negotiate timelines for your projects - Negotiate more favourable outcomes at work - Negotiate a higher salary package for yourself

Every negotiation is different, and that is why applying a particular strategy to negotiations can be so complicated.

Our negotiation course will help you learn practical negotiating techniques and strategies and plan your negotiations in a way that gives you the best chance of success. Negotiation is a skill you can all learn, but every practice improves that skill.

If you often negotiate small things in your personal life, you can acquire skills to negotiate bigger things for yourself in the future, such as a job offer or an increase.

f there are no obstacles to a future agreement and you put your negotiating skills to really good use, the people you negotiate with will be happier and your negotiating ability can make you more effective at work.

If you are looking for an in-person negotiation course in Singapore, then our workshop is for you.

This negotiation workshop will help you:

1) Master the art of influence and negotiate your way to success 2) Learn about body language and building confidence 3) Discover how you can negotiate agreements to more favourable outcomes so you can succeed at work

This negotiation workshop / course is often booked by client-facing teams, project management teams, and sales teams.

Highlights of the negotiation workshop include:

  • Learning about the Science of Persuasion

  • Communication Skills in Negotiation

  • Building Influence with Body Language and Influence

  • Achieving Win-Win Negotiations

  • The Negotiation Process: Pre, During and Post

Looking for a Virtual Negotiation Course? Our half-day virtual negotiation course is designed for clients in Singapore or around Asia. The content of the workshop is almost the same as any in-person workshop – only the medium of delivery is different. With the help of our skilled Negotiation Trainer, who specialises in both in-person negotiation and virtual negotiation workshops, we will utilise virtual tools such as Games, Quizzes and interaction to deliver a superior virtual experience for our virtual negotiation training course / workshop.

This course can also be lengthened for a deeper, more intensive workshop.

We can cater to companies from all around the world with our Virtual Negotiation Workshop.

The half-day version of the virtual negotiation workshop is suitable for anyone as it’s a useful skill for anyone in any capacity.


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