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At Anagram, we believe in nurturing relationships with clients and course participants.



A client isn’t just an invoice number – we believe in nurturing relationships with our clients and course attendees.


We have a detailed and systematic approach when it comes to training to ensure ongoing results and maximum Return of Investment. Invest in your employees today.

1) Training Proposal 


Whether a one-off training session or an ongoing training program, we will come up with a training proposal that meets your requirements. We respect our clients' time, and believe in transparency -- that's why  most of our prices are listed on our website.

2) Understanding attendees' profiles


Prior to the training session, we want to know all about your employees so we can deliver an even better program. Here we will ask about all the attendees, their strengths and their knowledge gaps.

We can also add and customise content to meet your needs.

3) Training Day


Training will be conducted at your office or a venue convenient for you. At the end of training, we will ask attendees for feedback so we can better understand their training experience.

4) Free Follow-up service 


Change takes time. Here, we will check-in on how trainees are performing, and what training skills have been implemented and what knowledge gaps there are, if any

5) Optional 1-on-1 Coaching


We offer a 1-hour private 1-on-1 coaching session for a small fee where we guide course attendees on resolving any roadblocks or challenges they may have on implementing course takeaways.

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