High-Potential Leadership Training Programmes

Simple techniques to make you a more powerful and effective leader

Prices start from $11,900 for a 3-month programme with 15 pax

Companies designate the top 3% to 5%

of their talent as high potential. 

What is a High Potential

Leadership Programme? 

A High Potential Leadership programme is used by companies to identify, nurture and develop employees who have the potential to become future leaders. Depending on the size of the company, and number of employees identified, a “HiPo” programme can consist of anything from 5 employees to 100 employees, or more. Anagram’s HiPo program helps develop and equip your employees with the tools and skills to reach that potential.

Anagram has delivered over 20 High Potential Leadership programmes for MNCs in Asia. Our programmes comprise of:



Soft-Skills Training


(leadership/management / communication/influence)

Group Coaching

Stages of a High-Potential Programmes

5 Stages of our Hi-Po Programme

STAGE 1: Online Surveys to Assess Competence

Stage 1 takes place 1 month prior to training. We will conduct an online survey of participants and their line managers to assess their skill level and competence in certain agreed-upon key areas/competencies.  The survey will be a mix of quantitative and qualitative responses.

STAGE 2: Delivery of Training Program in Singapore
We will deliver training programs based on agreed topics to equip participants. Topics can be adapted/customized to suit your needs.

STAGE 3: Group Coaching (In Person if in Singapore / On Phone if Overseas)
Following Stage 2, preferably 2 to 4 weeks after, we will organize 1.5 hr group coaching sessions (4 - 5pax max) to work on developing action plans for each participant. Thought process would have been set in motion at end of day 3, and the session will focus on how they can implement their goals at work, and the support needed.

STAGE 4: End-of-Programme Presentations to Senior Management
At stage 4, participants will give presentations to Senior Management on a selected topic to demonstrate newly acquired skills and understanding.

STAGE 5: Online Surveys to Assess Results of Program
We will conduct same survey as in stage 1 to compare where and how the participants, and their managers, see their improvements being, or lack thereof.  Final report written highlighting key results and potential areas of improvement for each employee.

Anagram has delivered over 20 High Potential Leadership programmes for MNCs in Asia.

Our Fees 

Prices start from $11,900 for a 3-month programme with 15 pax

These are usual prices for a high potential development programme assuming 15 pax, spanning 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. We have also conducted other programmes which are shorter than 3 months, and we have trained up to 30 pax for a high-potential programme.

Please send us an enquiry at enquiries@anagram-group.com to request a quotation for your programme.

Please note these prices are training prices and do not include venue rental, catering or others.

Most of our clients choose to have these programmes at their office/s.

Watch our High Potential Leadership Training Video 

Learn more about our  HIPO programme

Frequently Asked Questions on High Potential Programmes 

For more information contact, enquiries@anagram-group.com 

How is the programme administered?

Different companies have different ways of administering such a programme. Anagram’s approach is:

  • Personality Profiling Exercise & Training
  • Soft-skills workshops on our current offerings (leadership / management / influence etc).
  • Executive Coaching(whether individual or group coaching)
  • Participants may be requested to work on 1 project during the programme to demonstrate new-found skills
All programmes are customised to suit the client’s objectives.

How long is a High-Po Programme?

Anagram has worked with clients on high po programmes of the following duration:

  • 3-month programmes
  • 6-month programmes
  • 12-month programmes

Where is this programme available?

These programmes are available in Singapore and around Asia.

How are your HiPo programme designed?

HiPo programmes are designed by our Head Trainer/Executive Coach, in consultation with the client, who is usually represented by a HR or Learning & Development representative.

What does your HiPo programme consist of?

Our programmes comprise of:

  • Questionnaires
  • Consultations
  • Soft-Skills Training Workshops (leadership / management / communication / influence)
  • Group coaching

Who are some clients of your HiPo programme?

Our clients include MNCs in Singapore and Asia, from a variety of industries. Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, we are unable to reveal names of clients of our HiPo programme.

Is your programme able to be delivered outside Singapore?

Yes, our programme is able to delivered outside of Singapore. Travel/flight prices will be added to the usual training fees. Please contact enquiries@anagram-group.com for more information.

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