High-Potential Leadership Training Programmes

Simple techniques to make you a more powerful and effective leader

Prices start from $11,900 for a 3-month programme with 15 pax

Frequently Asked Questions on High Potential Programmes 

For more information contact, enquiries@anagram-group.com 

How is the programme administered?

Different companies have different ways of administering such a programme. Anagram’s approach is:

  • Personality Profiling Exercise & Training
  • Soft-skills workshops on our current offerings (leadership / management / influence etc).
  • Executive Coaching(whether individual or group coaching)
  • Participants may be requested to work on 1 project during the programme to demonstrate new-found skills
All programmes are customised to suit the client’s objectives.

How long is a High-Po Programme?

Anagram has worked with clients on high po programmes of the following duration:

  • 3-month programmes
  • 6-month programmes
  • 12-month programmes

Where is this programme available?

These programmes are available in Singapore and around Asia.

How are your HiPo programme designed?

HiPo programmes are designed by our Head Trainer/Executive Coach, in consultation with the client, who is usually represented by a HR or Learning & Development representative

What does your HiPo programme consist of?

Our programmes comprise of:

  • Questionnaires
  • Consultations
  • Soft-Skills Training Workshops (leadership / management / communication / influence)
  • Group coaching

Who are some clients of your HiPo programme?

Our clients include MNCs in Singapore and Asia, from a variety of industries. Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, we are unable to reveal names of clients of our HiPo programme.

Is your programme able to be delivered outside Singapore?

Yes, our programme is able to delivered outside of Singapore. Travel/flight prices will be added to the usual training fees. Please contact enquiries@anagram-group.com for more information.

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