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Negotiation Skills & Influence


Master the art of influence so you can negotiate your way to success

Only $3950 for 20 pax for an in-person workshop in Singapore. Also available at $2690
as a half-day workshop for 20 pax.

negotiation course singapore

32% of people find negotiation unpleasant, yet it’s a key management skill

negotiation course singapore

"This workshop helped our management and sales teams negotiate better outcomes and agreements with our clients. Highly recommended."

Bertha Lye

More testimonials here.

negotiation course singapore

Meeting/conference room and catering available. 

negotiation course singapore

Workshop completion certificates available upon request.

Negotiation Course / Workshop Overview

Duration, price, number of participants, workshop materials...

Customisable 1-day or half-day negotiation course in Singapore

Suitable for any level

Customised handbook and materials for all participants

negotiaton course singapore

In-person Negotiation Course  prices start from $3,950 for 20 staff. 

Team activities and individual exercises

Learn how to negotiate favourable outcomes for your company

Negotiation Course Learning Objectives

Why you should send your team to this negotiation course?

  1. Master the art of influence and negotiate your way to success

  2. Learn about body language and building confidence 

  3. Discover how you can negotiate agreements to more favourable outcomes 
    so you can succeed at work

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About The Negotiation Course Trainer


Mark Stuart, CSP is one of the top trainers in Singapore and is rated top 15% globally.

He has trained over 650+ organisations and thousands of people. Read his full profile.

Negotiation Course Outline

What will be covered in the workshop? Our negotiation workshop is available in-person in Singapore and virtually around the world.

negotiaton course singapore

Introduction to Negotiation
Negotiation Scenarios at work

What’s Your Influencing Style

Negotiation based on needs, wants and demands

negotiaton course singapore

The Science of Persuasion: What is it, how to apply it

Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion

How to Apply the Principles of Persuasion

Participants will work in small groups to assign how each of the 6 principles could be applied to their work

negotiaton course singapore

Communication Skills in Negotiation
Verbal Skills

Powerful Words to use in Negotiation 

Building Rapport & Networks

negotiaton course singapore

Achieving Win-Win Neootiations

Strengthening Work Relationships

Interests versus Positions

The Art of Achieving Win-Win Negotiations

Participants will work in pairs to take part in a negotiation using some of their core skills

negotiaton course singapore

Building Influence with Body Language & Non-Verbals

Building Influence Through Non-Verbals

Use of Words and Dressing

 Influential Words and Phrases

negotiaton course singapore

Negotiation Process

6 Key Behaviours for a Successful Negotiation


During the Negotiation

After the Negotiation

Participants will work in small groups and pairs to take part in more negotiation role-plays using their full suite of new skills.

Q: Does your Negotiation Course / Workshop take place in Singapore?

A: Yes we run in-person negotiation courses or workshops in Singapore. We can also run the workshop virtually through our virtual negotiation workshop.


Q: How can negotiation skills help my staff?

A: Effective negotiation skills learned in our negotiation workshop can help staff in the following negotiation scenarios:


- Negotiate larger contracts for your organisation
- Negotiate timelines for your projects
- Negotiate more favourable outcomes at work
- Negotiate fees / contracts / outcomes such as with vendors that can benefit your organisation and result in cost-savings

Every negotiation is different, and that is why applying a particular strategy to negotiations can be so complicated.

Our negotiation course / workshop will help you learn practical negotiation techniques and strategies and plan your negotiations in a way that gives you the best chance of success. Negotiation is a skill you can all learn, but negotiation practice such as a negotiation training workshop can help improve your negotiation skills.


Q: How does your virtual negotiation training course / workshop differ from in-person negotiation workshop?

The content of the workshop is almost the same as any in-person workshop – only the medium of delivery is different. With the help of our skilled Negotiation Trainer, who specialises in both in-person negotiation workshop and virtual negotiation workshops, we will utilise virtual tools such as Games, Quizzes and interaction to deliver a superior virtual experience for our virtual negotiation training course / workshop.


Q: Can I customise the content in your negotiation course/workshops?


A: Absolutely! We specialise in customising the content of each workshop to meet our clients’ needs.


Our negotiation workshops – whether in-person negotiation course / workshop or virtual negotiation course / workshop are popular with client-facing teams, project management teams and sales teams in Singapore and all around the world.


Q: Where can I read more about effective negotiation strategies you cover in your negotiation course / workshop?

We cover negotiation strategies and more in our blog article on Why Great Negotiation Skills Can Make You More Effective at Work.


You can also contact us to learn more about how we can customise and deliver our negotiation course to meet your needs. Contact us on the Livechat feature below or email

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Send your enquiries to us!

Read our testimonials here. 

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